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Online Examination System

Online Examination System

The Online Examination System has been intended to make the process of examination simpler and paper-free which is structured under a multi-level staggered security system to forestall abuse and fumble of lawful and authority information by any unapproved and potential security dangers to the delicate information on the assessment office robotization or automation programming software.

Descom comes with the most secure Online Examination and Knowledge Management arrangements. We are serving customers crosswise over instruction organizations, colleges, preparing establishments, Corporate. Our Online Examination System depends on block chain innovation that consistently checks the security and honesty of each record to make the assessment generally forms secure and carefully designed. The idea depends on block chain innovation, which is conveyed database running on different servers, with a verified chain of information squares containing exceptionally verified hash code values.

We have fruitful contextual analyses of online appraisal usage. We have included prescribed procedures and the most recent innovation for dealing with your online assessment process. It tends to be for the placement tests, enlistment tests, college tests, fitness tests, character tests. We have an answer for every one of your needs identified with online assessment.


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