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online examination system background

Online Examination System

The Online Examination System has been intended to make the process of examination simpler and paper-free which is structured under a multi-level staggered security system to forestall abuse and fumble of lawful and authority information by any unapproved and potential security dangers to the delicate information on the assessment office robotization or automation programming software.

OMR Software

Optical Mark Recognition is known as OMR Software. This well-known acknowledgement innovation is utilized for gathering information from “fill-in-the-bubble” structures, for example, instructive tests, studies, appraisals, assessments, and numerous other various decision structures.

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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a web-to-mobile SMS apparatus that joins the best of the web and portable advancements to make an adaptable and efficient correspondence framework for your association. A PC or workstation with a net association is all you have to get your mass informing needs off the ground. Nursing Technologies Bulk SMS has a very easy to use interface that will kick you off in the blink of an eye. Register, sign-in and start as simple as that. Descom provides a very easy to use Bulk SMS tool for you.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing is a kind of web advertising where the business is shared between deals administrators or sales executives and online traders. Affiliate marketing programs is otherwise called an act of driving on web traffic to other online sites.

affiliate marketing
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