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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a crucial service for the digital world, which serves the allowance for organizations and individuals to create their website or web-pages onto the internet. Basically, web hosting terms as every website store in an individual computer called the server if someone wants to connect with your site then they need to type your domain name and address into their browser and after that their system connects to the server and displays them on your website.

Search engines are believed to give a higher ranking to web pages which contains incoming links from other web pages positioned on a variety of exclusive Class-C IP addresses. If you want that Google can’t detect your site, then you need to create your links between your domains.

Let’s take an example; if you had 12 different websites and used regular shared web hosting such as Server ‘Baby’ account, all 12 sites would share the same IP address. Let’s say you decide to monetize one domain and design the other 11 as expert information sites in the same function then you can link all 11 to the twelfth commercial site.

Google would mark that all 11 links were coming from the same IP address as the tenth and would observe this linking structure as suspicious and contrived and the two Penguin algorithm updates are expected to reduce such links and even fail to list the page in the search engine results for relevant searches. Web Hosting can assign your every domain to a different IP address so that you can avoid this.

Why Descom Is The Most Preferable Web Hosting Service Provider?

Descom has the ability to perform well at your expectations and allow you to explore its services, according to your needs. We offer you some advantage to create your business empire.

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