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Introduction of Digital Marketing and How Does it Works?

If you’re interested in learning the latest and greatest marketing strategies tools tips tricks and tactics then you are in the right place.

In this Blog we will discuss briefly about digital marketing and how it works as well as diving into some of the most proven and effective digital marketing strategies available today.

What Exactly is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is just marketing using digital tools. 

Yes, that’s kind of it means the same concepts and principles and theories that apply when marketing your business.

Well, these are all going to be applied but done on digital platforms like social media, through email and other online channels.

Basically if you’re using a digital platform to communicate your business’s value, to your customers then you are in digital marketing world.

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Digital marketing does have some complicated and technical aspects involved but that doesn’t mean you need to know every single one of them and how to do them all.

In fact even just a broad or general understanding of all the different pieces will allow you to thrive in today’s digital marketplace.

Because at the end of the day digital marketing is actually a pretty simple concept.

Digital marketing works much the same way as offline or traditional marketing does.

These are some steps you need to follow in digital Marketing:

Step 1 – Identify Your Market

The very first step when it comes to creating an effective digital marketing strategy is to first identify your market.

You see this is going to be the same whether we’re talking traditional or digital marketing.

But the first step is always in identifying that target market that ideal customer or prospect or potential person that you really want to connect with.

This is such a foundational piece of an overall strategic campaign is.

Because without the right person in mind well nothing else is really going to matter.

So spend a little bit of time and do some digging about ideal target market about what are their demographic details like their age, gender, income, occupation things of that nature.

Also, what are their geographic details, where do they live, what city, state, province, country and things like that.

And lastly and maybe most importantly what are their psychographic details things like their attitudes, interests, opinions and behaviors.

The better you’re able to form a really clear picture of who your ideal market is, the more effective your digital marketing strategy or marketing strategy in general is going to be.

So once you’ve got your market clearly identified it’s time to move on to step 2.

Step 2 – Message

When it comes to creating a really effective message one of the things that I like to advise is that you take a look at your clients or your customers.

Basically, the market that you’ve just identified well take a look at their miracles and miseries.

Their miracles are going to be things like, their wants and their needs, their goals and their dreams

Again the better you understand your market well the better you’re going to understand their miracles.

And ideally your business is going to be the one that’s positioned to deliver those miracles for them.

The flip-side of that of course is their miseries, what are their fears, their frustrations, their pains, their nightmares and all the things they’re trying to avoid.

Again step 2 is going to be pretty much the same whether we’re talking traditional or digital marketing

Step 3 – Media

And the 3rd step is media and this is where things really differentiate between traditional and digital marketing.

Because it’s here that we’re going to be making the choice for which platform we’re going to be using to communicate our message with our market now.

When we’re talking about traditional media we’re talking about things like the newspaper or the radio or Direct Mail or any form of print. 

Digital on the other hand is going to include things like social media, online video, email marketing, online pay-per-click advertising things of that nature, where

things get really exciting though and where digital marketing is such an effective overall strategy to deploy is that well pretty much everyone regardless of age or gender or income or occupation.

Everyone is online these days which means that no matter who you’re trying to reach you can reach them with digital marketing not only that but digital marketing also has some other benefits above traditional marketing.

Namely the fact that the targeting is just so dialed in with digital platforms.  Also the time to get data back is significantly reduced meaning if you create an ad and put it in the newspaper or in a magazine you’re gonna have to wait a period of days weeks maybe even months for your market to see your message and react or not react.

On the other hand in Digital marketing you can create an ad and put it out to your market in as little as a few hours and get immediate response letting you know if you’re on track or if something needs to be changed.

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies:

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s no shortage of available strategies, no shortage of opinions that goes along with each of those strategies.

Either social media gurus say, you need to be using more social media. Email marketing advocates preach the benefits of reaching your customers directly in their email inbox. Video marketing experts say everybody needs to be creating more videos and online advertisers tell you that the best return on investment is with online ads.

So who’s right?

In reality they all are because it’s gonna depend on your market, your message and your media.

Basically we need to figure out who you’re trying to reach. What the message is that you’re trying to communicate and which online or digital platform is going to be best aligned with you, your business, your industry and your customers.

Unfortunately where many people get lost and confused is they take a look at all these different things realize that they might all work so they start doing everything.

But you definitely do not need to do everything. 

In fact most of your results are going to come from one, two, maybe even three carefully selected and strategically deployed channels at most.

So to help you choose which one may be best for you and your business.

These are some strategies we use inside the agency every single day for our clients and have proven to be some of the most effective forms of digital marketing available today.

Strategy 1 – Social Media Marketing:

The first is of course social media marketing.

You simply can’t argue with the proven results that you’re able to achieve with a strategically deployed social media marketing campaign.

Now there are nuances between how the campaign is deployed and how we’re going to leverage it.

But it really comes down to using one or a combination of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, depending on the market and depending on the client and their customers.

Regardless of having a social media presence today is pretty much mandatory and doing the best you can will provide a real and tangible return on investment.

Strategy 2 – Online Advertising:

The other strategy that we consistently use is online advertising.

Again most of the social media platforms do have the option to use both organic social media which means unpaid or just regular posting content as well as paid online advertising where you’re basically paying them for a distribution. 

Again we take a look at the market and essentially what we’re trying to get across and then make a strategic decision between Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the Google Display Network.

As a fun fact some of our highest ROI campaigns have almost always come from social media online advertising.

Yeah it can be a bit of a bear to learn when you’re first getting started and can be a bit of a trick to figure everything out but once you do once you’ve got it dialed in it’s a really powerful concept.

Strategy 3 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The other strategy we almost always deploy and certainly with our local clients is search engine optimization or SEO for short.

Basically if you’re unfamiliar with SEO, it involves optimizing the website to appear higher in the search rankings so when someone’s typing in a search term your business appears top-of-the-line.
I hope I have covered all the points in this blog. If you are a newbie in the digital marketing field and wants to know what is SEO? then read this blog.

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